Use case: “Make agro-input recommendations”

The document describes the steps for recommending agro-inputs (e.g., seed, fertilizers, lime and organic matter) in smallholder farming systems, based on site, cropping system and time specific information and decision analyses.

Groundbreaking Innovations: Mapping Africa’s soil

What are some of the tools and technology AfSIS is using to create the first continent wide digital soil map? Watch our new video to find out.

Analyzing Africa’s Soils Using Spectroscopy

Significant progress is being made in analyzing soil and plant samples collected from the AfSIS sentinel sites with over 17,000 samples being received since the project began. One method of characterizing the samples involves infrared spectroscopy.

Gathering and Transmitting Data with New Methods

Mobile data collection with tablet devices replaces paper-based forms, using tools such as formhub, a web-based mobile data management and visualization platform, and ODK Collect.


Events and Training

Visit ISRIC for more information : Wageningen, the Netherlands, 12th May 2014 to 16th May 2014
Visit SMAP and NCAR for more information : National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, 9th April 2014 to 10th April 2014

Africa Soils on Twitter

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